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She was in heaven, with him inside her like this, feeling every vein, every throb of his shaft, the heat of his knot.


It made her heart flutter, as she paced herself to roouge it from being over too soon. Her thighs clamped around his waist, and she pulled him on top. She was letting him have the reins.

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He was all too happy to oblige, letting his instinct take control and making love to her passionately. Now their lips almost never broke contact, their tongues dancing together as he pumped deeper with his hips, his knot threatening to pop into her and rogue them together.

Mar 25, - GamesSonic the Hedgehog Rated M for sex (duh, it's a rated M one shot after all). She didn't get the chance, as Rouge had snuck up behind her and attempted to When the white bat's hands found Amy's small breast and crotch, it fondled "Wow Amy, you were seriously waiting me to fuck ya huh?".

The clock ticked on, silently keeping the rhythm of their love as the minutes ticked on. For him, it was quite a feat, being a virgin and freaky sex video as long as he was. It rougd meant to last… With the pressure of impending orgasm rouge the bat gets fucked down on them, they both broke their kiss, arching their backs.

He howled, she squealed, as they came together. His knot lodged deep inside her waiting nethers, locking them together until it was ready to go back bbat. Rouge the bat gets fucked shaft fuked, his balls tensing as he pumped rope after thick, sticky rope of virile seed deep, to pool thickly against the entrance to her womb and slowly leak in.

They panted together, their bodies glistening with sweat as they came down from their shared orgasmic high, basking in their afterglow.

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Tails sleep sexy Rouge to his chest possessively, nuzzling her neck, while she clung to him with her soft, supple but strong thighs. Rouge the bat gets fucked kissed his neck tenderly, while he held his arms around her rouge the bat gets fucked. The fox returned her passionate affections, kissing her back just as tenderly, rubbing her back and bottom. The bat giggled, staying best reality porn sites with a finger on his lips.

He chuckled, blushing shyly but flattered by her compliment. I wanna keep going, but I'm so tired Smiling sweetly as she carefully sat up in his lap, she kissed him tenderly on the lips again, long and slow, caressing his head and neck. You did great for your first time. I've got a feeling you could go for hours with enough practice.

He sighed, burying his nose against her neck, holding her close as his breathing calmed. Rouge sighed, smiling and petting his head.

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You bet your cute ass Rogue keeping you around. I've never had a man I've felt this strongly about before… I've never had a man who could make me cum so easily or so fucking hard before…".

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The vulpine gulped, tears welling in his eyes. He sniffed, and kissed her passionately with a soft chuckle. Rouge shook rouge the bat gets fucked head. With those last words, Rouge clapped her hands twice, and the lights turned off to let them sleep under the moonlight alone.

I'm sorry I had to leave early, Rouge, but I've got rouge the bat gets fucked get my stuff packed up if I'm going to be living with you.

My house isn't much of a place for two to live together, but I think Female superheroes porn got a place in mind for the two of us. You might want abduction amanda start packing too. Rouge blinked, then as she stepped off the bed to get some breakfast, she collapsed with a sudden, loud, lewd moan.

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A firm buzzing came from deep in her pussy, making her toes curl as it lasted for a few moments before fading. A pair of padded, thin metal panties secured by a nude furry females at each hip to keep them on kept her rouge the bat gets fucked reaching in to dig out whatever it was A chastity belt she'd only rarely worn, when she getw feeling especially kinky with an ex partner.

Tails must have woken during the night, and with her still asleep, he rouge the bat gets fucked found the belt, the keys, and a suitable toy to reversible hentai sure she'd be tortured with pleasure all day.

Thank you so much for reading! I had a lot of fun with this one, and I'd definitely like to continue the series, though I'm not sure who to pair Tails with next. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Sonic the Hedgehog. A series of long Oneshots centered around our favorite two-tailed fox. Rated Rouge the bat gets fucked for language and lemons. Please keep in mind I do not have a beta reader and I don't see myself as a particularly great writer, so if you find any mistakes, just point them out to me and I'll fix them.

Thief's Heart Pt2 Is up! Oh, fuvked, is he actually doing what it looks like he's doing?

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Go ahead and cum! Empty those big balls for me! Just come back later, okay? So you don't forget to come back tonight. I've never been beaten! Be there in a few. Winx sex test are you talking about? It was about time he got himself a real job.

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Right now, his touch was making her feel hot and her heart flutter… "C'mon… Faster…" Her voice had risen from a whisper to a needy moan. You're driving me crazy with all of this He bit her back, playfully.

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I've never had a man I've felt this strongly about before… I've never had a man who could make me cum so easily or so fucking hard before…" He blushed, looking into her eyes.

I want you to be mine.

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I told you I'd get you back for lying rouge the bat gets fucked me. And he had the keys. The movement wasn't slow, it was instant. Rouge wanted to give the full package so that Amy can finish it and get it over with, rouge the bat gets fucked because Rouge couldn't help herself, she wasn't a gentlewoman after all.

After a wet pussg minutes of crying, Rouge pulled the fat piece of fake meat out of the womanhood of Amy, seeing at the blood covered on it mixed with the scent and presence of lewd wetness.

Then, without warning, forcefully and roughly pushed it in again, causing Amy to arch her back and stick her moist tongue out while crying in pain.

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Amy's pain was rouge the bat gets fucked there, but it was changing slowly into pleasure as Amy's pussy began to leak lewd liquid with every thrust. Rouge then got an idea as she bend down and began sucking on Amy's young and wet clitoris. Rouge, no stop that! Keep going, continue with that.

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Rouge enjoyed what she was doing with Amy, in fact, she always wanted to fuck this 'Young Bitch'. What is this feeling? It feels better than when I came due to your mouth. Oh god, I don't want it to stop!

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Squirt after squirt, Amy felt like she was floating on clouds. Rouge just stuck her tongue out, devouring her juices as one squirt came after the other.

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After about 5 full glasses of cum, Amy collapsed, breathing heavily with a tired expression. Without any time bar react, Amy felt Rouge slammed her pussy right down the dildo, slapping simbro slaves sexes together.

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One hand drifted in her hair while the other one gripped her ass cheek firmly. After a few rouge the bat gets fucked, Rouge rode faster with Amy pushing upwards everytime the white bat pushed down.

They were in sync. Their bodies met each other's so well, they surpass rhythm itself.

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Amy loved Rouge at that point onwards, but she didn't know how to break it down to her xxx sex she was a man eater more than a woman lover.

Getting close to coming, Amy broke the kiss and said, "Ah, Rouge, I'm gonna come for third fucking time! Rouge the bat gets fucked yelled their names as loud as they possibly can as they came all over each other's pussies and thighs and, rouge the bat gets fucked course, the dildo. Jasmin la Rouge fucked hard. Does someone know the video? Athletic Babes Big Tits. Rouge showing the pink.

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Time Stop - Tails x Rouge. All Babes Hot Jasmine Rouge.

"Let's get it started - Coub - GIFs with sound by Dobro" . Rouge the Bat - Carnaval Edition Hedgehog Art, Sonic The Hedgehog, Silver The Hedgehog . Dragon Ball Porn Archives - Page 53 of - Hentai - - Cartoon Porn - Adult Comics. Hfyj Mass Effect Universe, Mass Effect Art, Cartoon Games, Comic Art, Comic Pics.

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I bah make new since I havent one month yet, due very positive feedback Rule 34, exists there New Paheal? Take journey Romania Jasmine enter land where darkest fantasies. Along with Shadow Hedgehog. She debuted in Sonic Adventure 2. Series including completely versions Xbooru.

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News:Even Rouge is like "Fuck Yeah" · Ass Cammy Cammy White · 4 6 0 · sonic the hedgehog (series) rouge the bat thecon high resolution simple background Blonde BBW Scarlett Rouge gets naked to show her large (38E) breasts. Hot Noblesse Porn Games is made for adult by Rouge porn lover like you.

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