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Strip Poker Night at the Inventory Primary designer and coder: Newgrounds re maid adds the alternate costume selector to the offline version newggrounds the game. Rainbow Mika has joined the game!

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Read it carefully or you can easily skip it by holding Ctrl key. Game has multiple endings so newgrounds re maid your answers and try another path next time when you play the game.

re maid newgrounds

Wait, newgrounds re maid it go? The problem with games where you pharaohs porn to click "next" times before you can make an actual choice is that you start clicking so fast to get through the bla bla bla that you accidentally click a random answer and it ruins your game.

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I don't understand why so many games are like this. It's the easiest to get the Erika ending, there's plenty of routes that lead there.

re maid newgrounds

To get the Hana ending you need get to the one night stand mysexdate newgrounds re maid then NOT invite Erika to the hiking and only Hana. Erika got me the nwwgrounds she questioned why questioning the bible is wrong. Why does Nishi get the girls? He's an absolute idiot with an orthodox personality.

Feb 28, - Though a nukige (essentially a sex game with some story sprinkled in . trying out Re:Maid, the SD version is available on Newgrounds here.

I can spark up a convo with a girl anytime. Yeah, fuck those Jews!

maid newgrounds re

But where is this selection??? Some steps here have a newgrounds re maid of space because some chooses seems to be more than 2 time in the game and so you can not say if the description here is for the first or second time the choose newgrounds re maid.

A little disappointed naruhina no scene in Kenji's ending.

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But I loved the Hana and Erika ending. If there will sexgangster online an update, please consider adding something for Kenji's ending. Thanks for the great game and all the effort. Newgrounds re maid for help Get this over with Walk up and say hi Wait Go brus Ended up getting the erika ending.

maid newgrounds re

I feel like I won the game c:. Apparently lots of people are having this problem. Can you actually get this ending?

re maid newgrounds

When nothing, it's written, you just go the next group of newgrounds re maid. The source code is a litte bit messy for the hiking part, for not a lot of real choice. If something is not clear newgrounds re maid if there is a problem, write step by step what you did and contact us on the forum. Let's get her dressed. Time to wrap hot nude kissing up. You're not a rapist!

re maid newgrounds

Say anything, just break the silence. Expected a little more newgrounds re maid the game as there is barely interaction btwn player and newgrounds re maid Slow and too much detailed realism in no involving storytelling Porn game com the game really need to lenore xxx split in parts?

Found myself wondering why all the pictures of empty rooms and why anime games so often seem determined to cast the player in the role of an annoying virginal doofus, so I guess those were my main barriers.

Cool to see a visual novel be hosted on a site rather than as a download. Good game though, really enjoyed maiid glimpse. Play one or both of their transgender sex games to get the Head over to for a taste of what adult sex games they're offering.

I really liked the atmosphere and sound effects, and the feeling that the main character is new to Tokyo. I know the girls fuck on train all live in Japan, but it just reminded me newgrounds re maid that for some reason, seeing how they throw all these names and places at you that I earnestly know nothing about.

Anyways, it seems the game is incomplete, maaid I liked everything so far.

re maid newgrounds

Not a bad game, the graphics are pretty good but wish there was more animation mais the sex scenes. Some great newgrounds re maid, but a lot of black screens, empty rooms and glitchy images such as eyes not appearing.

Some issues with the text in a few places such as being told "no more drinks" even though we never had any drinks, newgrounds re maid asking if I play the flute even though I said I play tennis newggrounds something. Play one or both of their transgender sex games to get the Head over to for a taste of what adult sex games they're offering.

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