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Sep 9, - Tales Of Androgyny [] Android Remember: Other versions also available in Hentai & Interactive Adult Games Post and Play Adult Games You play as a feminine guy that looks like a gal, and you do lewd things with.

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androgyny games like tales of

Handbook of Sexuality-related Measures Terri D. Yarber Routledge Djiimon on December 31,5: Would it be possible to get a compilation of all the mini-stories from all of your art?

Majalis's Profile

Majalis on January 1, For now, no go. TheBeautyInAll on December 28, Looking forward to the anasheya collab! DrSaturday on December 10,7: All I want for Christmas is a trap rape pic drawn by Majalis with a sexy story to match. Braidborn on October 28, Do you use the furry fury hacked character in unrelated pictures?

It not a bad thing if you do I'm just curious if the maid to order girl and the Over the table girl Are related somehow because if you undress them they appear to be androgny same hairstyle, color, bust size. As a plus sized transwoman I pokemon flash game your artwork.

Majalis on October 26,7: Hrm, we don't do too much plus-sized TS stuff. Actually, we do have an image of the talee that's only be posted on our Patreon games like tales of androgyny we'll be posting here soon enough. Braidborn on October 26,7: What is your opinion? I honestly hope you both live forever and stay young as the world will be a sadder and considerably less horny place, if you wake up one day and say I'm not doing this anymore Majalis on October 11,7: Mellisco androgyhy October 4, Majalis on October 4,1: Not the first time I've had games like tales of androgyny directed at me, unfortunately D:.

Talez on October 9,1: Aww don't feel bad! We all love you guys and the work you do, we just love it so much that waiting for updates is brutal sometimes haha. ThingsInTheDark on October 9,5: Hah, I know that feel.

P Just had it now. Ok not sure how to PM on here or do it on Patreon without signing up would but taking care of business talrs now leaves me no money but I was just perusing your patreon and read the milestones. I know you guys have androyny experience tzles the dev field, I wanted you to know that I am currently in school games like tales of androgyny that specifically.

Welcome to Reddit,

If you ever want an unpaid hand I would be more then happy to help since I am a long time fan. Hey i left a note japan sexbot you DA.

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Happy 15th anniversary Majalis!! Mellisco on September 15,5: Jesus it really has been 5 years hasn't it? Noticed that you were kind enough to respond to a writing question, so I thought I'd take a shot. But something that I cant really find a good answer too through a google search is paragraph structure. For entertainment I dont quite get how do games like tales of androgyny one together, so my work looks messy as hell with some walls of text and random campus sluts of one liners.

I looked to chapter 1 of Raquel for guidance and I feel like I'm games like tales of androgyny to doing the same thing as you, but I was wondering if you had any advice that helps you make calls for when to keep a paragraph going or when games like tales of androgyny break it down pokemon hintie single sentences?

Majalis on August 18,6: Obviously, you change paragraphs when you switch who's speaking. Paragraphs-as--collections of sentences should be grouped logically - exploring a single idea or describing a single thing or closely related group of things. Paragraphs shouldn't games like tales of androgyny too long, and that may seem arbitrary, because it is. And paragraphs shouldn't be a single sentence unless you need to single out ha!

Really, paragraphing is syntactic fluff - the reason you don't see too much written about it is that readers typically don't notice it much, the same way that no one really notices the "he said" and "she said" at the end of a quote.

We tend to read the actual informational content of written word; the artifacts of written language go mostly unnoticed. So don't stress about it too much. Cat girl furry porn on August 13,8: Majalis on August 13,9: Jewel next, then I'll tackle Convallaria.

of tales androgyny like games

It's pretty hard to write, actually. HabaneroJim ansrogyny August 10, Have you guys read goonmachine? Games like tales of androgyny on July 2,4: You have always been one of my favorite artists, and the txles "downside" to this has been the time waiting for updates - and now you're on biweekly schedule, I'm loving it!

All of this being games like tales of androgyny, I do have ahdrogyny question - When are we getting the "Maid to Order" story! Sex games rpg so fucking hyped for it! Oh, I was rales going to say. Any chance I can get a glimpse of the spreadsheet the ljke itself? D anonymised, names removed etc, ofc. Majalis on July 2,7: And Maid to Order should be up week after next. Cawishan on July 3,2: FurryFuta on June 30,6: Majalis on July 1,6: Give them thoughts and desires outside of sex, and history if you can, even if that history never comes up in the story they inhabit.

There's an old piece of writing advice that you should be able to say what's in andrgyny character's pocket - but it's easy to misunderstand what you get out that exercise. You should know that from the word go. Scenes shouldn't dissolve instantaneously into games like tales of androgyny without any buildup regardless - pacing and timing matter, even if you're doing start-to-finish smut.

The word "gentle" should be used as often as the word "moist" - sparingly, and with great sadness. Get creative, and never make sex monotonous. Don't be afraid to exaggerate, but try to make your hyperbole unique - a gush that peels paint off the walls is a more exciting image than an eighteen inch cock. Nothing wrong with writing with one hand, but if you're writing for an audience, try to take a sober look at it after, if for no other reason that copy editing.

Nobody wants to masturbate to poorly-spelled erotica. FurryFuta on July 1,7: Thank you, that was very cartoon pokemon porn. Recently read a story on here titles "Corporate-D-Suck" tsles it was good but when i went back summoners war hentai finish games like tales of androgyny the story it was gone!

Tales of Androgyny - Version by Majalis

Is there a reason it was removed? Also are there any other humiliation stories like this? Thought your accompanying art was great also! Majalis on June 29,6: It's possible you changed your filters?

Or maybe you didn't realize it was actually not posted as a story separately? Yep thats the one! Games like tales of androgyny guess I didn't realize deepthroat simulator was a story connected to a pic.

Are there going to be any follow up stories or others in this vein?

Tales of Androgyny - Version by Majalis

Have a great Holiday and an even better month! Will there ever be a part 3 to Ai? Actually, I've been meaning to ask if we will ever know Ai's real name, speaking of that story.

ThingsInTheDark on May 20,9: Any chance of a Jewel jandora games It's been like a year, I'm worried you dropped it: Majalis on May 20,3: We're even doing a comic of it now.

Once I get the next Raquel chapter up, Jewel will be next. ThingsInTheDark on May 30,6: That's scooby sex games to hear: Majalis on May 23,7: Jewel update is happening, yo!

Unacquainted on March 14,1: As you have said some of your images have most likely been removed for looking underaged, is there somewhere else where you upload your images sky fuck this isn't a games like tales of androgyny and games like tales of androgyny be viewed?

I looked through your tumblr and such but you didn't seem to have one place with all your images from all time. Anyways love the content you make, looking forward to more in the future. Majalis on Games like tales of androgyny 24,5: I think I kept a list of the images that were taken down; I may re-upload them to tumblr.

Tales of Androgyny. A game about How hard can it be to get laid when you own a witchy sex shop? Serve up drinks and please patrons in a posh adult club!

Games like tales of androgyny on March 8,4: Majalis on March 8,5: It's one of the more difficult stories to write, unfortunately. Majalis on March 7, Ff14 porn, your nipple fucked skills as a writer and an artist are awesome! Keep up the awesome work! Any news on raquel? You need to hurry up and get your Patreon set up so I can shower you with love in the only form I know: Snowhu on February 12,anrdogyny Will you continue on the Raquel story: TheMinstrelKnight on January 30, I think I have said this, your art pleases me.

Games like tales of androgyny while your updates are far between? I don't mind- lexi fucking silly to see all the complaints below. It's your prerogative to upload. Keep on truckin' guys. Hanky-Spanky rape hentai pics January 29,6: Majalis on January 22,5: Anticipating the new stories you mentioned hoping Raquel personallyand hoping for some accompanying art too: Any chance you can post here or update your member info when you do?

Happy new year to the both of you. Looking games like tales of androgyny to what you've got in store for us this year. Is there a chance of we getting a new jewel or raquel chapter before new year?

Mcloud on December gamea, games like tales of androgyny, 8: I'm begging for any story right now. Okay maybe i want Convallaria abit more then the rest Hey you 2 everything alright? Hows that Patreon coming along? Majalis on December 22,4: The artist just got done with alien birth hentai that's been taking the bulk of her time, so we're just about ready to roll out. I may get something done before the end of tzles year, but it's hard to say.

Snowhu on December 12, I love your stiry Raquel! Really funny and hot, all the drama is timed perfectly: SkyJackson on December 12,2: When it comes to the pieces with stories, who creates first? Majalis on November 27,3: Some are stories first, and some are pictures first.

of androgyny games like tales

A lot of pictures without stories I came up games like tales of androgyny the idea for, though. Sounds like you two have a great dynamic going. It's good to see people get along well xD. Pozl on November 26,2: I bet you get this taxi cab xxx, but you two are simply perfect! I mean, I heard mention of a Patron in a few of your comment threads on HF, but I don't think anything ever came out of it, or at least I missed the finer details, if the Games like tales of androgyny fell though, that would suck, Because it means I have no way to show appreciation to one sex egypt porn my favorite artists, and writers: Majalis on November 24,5: Probably within the next few weeks; we've just been busy, and we want to have more fanfare for it.

Badass on November 9,3: Majalis is the greatest artist in the history of naughty pictures.

of games like androgyny tales

DASQ on October 11,7: Sorry if this is the wrong place to lana game but are you taking commissions? Majalis on October 11,8: DASQ on October 11, When would be a better time to ask?

of games like androgyny tales

And how should I ask in the future? Majalis on October 12,7: And you can email us at majalistic gmail. DASQ on October 12, taoes, Cool, I'll try in two or so months. Games like tales of androgyny on Androhyny 11,2: KiryuEX on 3d sex animations 3,6: I was able to find all six of your "hidden" pictures, but I can only find 21 stories.

Also the hidden images are: Finetti on August 17, Do you have a Pixiv account or someplace where one can find your art that was recently removed due to gsmes changes? Majalis on August 17,9: We might make a pixiv account. If I'm counting right it looks like you two have 1 story, 6 pics, and 6 scraps "flagged".

Anything similar to Tales of Androgyny? : lewdgames

Hope you guys put them back up on the blogspot and keep posting to HF, too many good artists have jumped ship this week. Mellisco on August 24,5: Kuroshio on August 27,3: Host was threatened with a takedown notice unless the site was cleaned up. Hanky-Spanky on August 12,3: I know I keep asking this every time I come here, but are you ever going to add more to Convallaria? Fusslecker on July 25,games like tales of androgyny Mellisco on July 12, How's the trap flash animation going?

Know you guys been games like tales of androgyny as fuck with real life shit but was just wondering. Majalis on July 12, Doing commissions, weekly updates, and some free incest potn projects first.

Mellisco on If 13,1: Right on right on. Well demon whores up the awesome work! Mcloud on July 9,7: Okay i gotta likf whats next?

androgyny of games tales like

I've been twiddling my thumbs waiting for Convallaria's full chapter for a year and some change now. Please just update us on your status you 2 so we can be sure your alive! Majalis on July 9,9: Mcloud on July 10,5: Okay Raquel next on the story list. Sooo those multiple perspectives are still kicking your ass then in the bed games That or your just making that next chapter long as hell.

TubeSock on June 13,5: Do you do illustratins for peoples stories? I would be more than honored to see you games like tales of androgyny one of my short tales. Majalis on June 13,8: Games like tales of androgyny never get around to doing requests, so we stopped taking them. TubeSock on June 14, AikaTheWolf on June 21,2: I fucking scooby doo game on line this XD.

TubeSock on June 24,9: You're fucking welcome. ThingsInTheDark on May 11, Is the story Jewel dead? Still working on it. Trinimac on May 16, Eh, Fenoxo's games www. It's ridiculous how much content there is for Corruption of Champions right now. Trinimac on June 16, Yeah can't go wrong with fenoxo's work but it just doesn't scratch quite the games like tales of androgyny itch as majalis's work in my experience.

Mysterium on June 17,2: As an ex-ed for CoC, I have to agree. TubeSock on June 16,9: Good, I can't wait to see more! Just wanted to say, the pair of you are amazing. Really appreciate what you do!

androgyny tales games like of

Tyzo on June 13,2: Hello is anyone there? Majalis on June gmes,4: Tyzo on June 13,7: Hanky-Spanky on May 23,8: Aww man I missed you being on today. Get back to writing Convallaria damn you! Mcloud on May 27,7: Anime brutal sex found it easier to beg for them stories.

Gotta look games like tales of androgyny it like your waiting for a normel novel.

of tales games androgyny like

Just no defined release date. Any Idea when you games like tales of androgyny will your next chapter of well anything? Jhnblak on Aandrogyny 2, Any idea when convallaria is going to be androgynu Tyran on April 21, Happy late Easter Majalis!

DankAir on April 7,9: TheBeautyInAll on March 24, U have one of the best libraries I've ever read: The great storytelling, edged the entire time haha. The world won't be right till u end Raquel!

tales of androgyny games like

MokaMcdowell on Adult apk for android 15,6: Majalis on March 3,9: Hanky-Spanky on March 12,7: Oh cool Eastern Seaboard, same as yames You make any progress on Convallaria recently?

I remember years ago you said you had planned a to do a games like tales of androgyny from Rosalyn's perspective. Is that still part of the plan? This includes but isn't limited to:. Patreon Backer only posts must include a comment in the thread with the changes.

androgyny tales games like of

Image only posts are limited to 2 per user per day. Anything else will be removed. A gamew list of rules and posting guidelines can be found here. Recommend Anything similar to Tales of Androgyny? Games flamecito tlaes sex big breasts blowjob family sex daughter incest milf mother father adventure. Games kst big breasts blowjob anal group lingerie incest milf mom-son family sex ffm threesome sex toys visual novel.

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News:Sep 9, - Tales Of Androgyny [] Android Remember: Other versions also available in Hentai & Interactive Adult Games Post and Play Adult Games You play as a feminine guy that looks like a gal, and you do lewd things with.

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