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Feb 25, - Ahsoka Tano, a central protagonist of the animated film Star Wars and the Padawan apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, give head to her teacher!Missing: padme ‎| ‎Must include: ‎padme.

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A delicious shiver goes through me at the last thought and I allow myself to indulge in it for just a short moment before ruthlessly pushing it aside.

I cannot allow myself to believe, to even contemplate it, at least not yet. I have invested too muchdone too anakin fucks padme to make my plans a reality to give up on it sexy anal hot and I won't, because I don't anakin fucks padme to. I will be Emperor of the Galaxy; it is my dream, and she will be my Empress.

We will rule together and she will never leave con-quest patreon password side. Somehow, I must gain her cooperation and when I do, she will be an invaluable asset, gaining me allies in the Senate and perhaps even learning of the Jedi's plans for me.

Sidious saw little threat in the Jedi, but I will not be so foolish; they have not become so dominant in the galaxy through toon bondage porn luck alone. They are dangerous just by virtue of them being powerful, extremely organized and much, much larger than my two-member Sith.

One wrong move and they'll find out who I am and end me. If her feelings are as strong for me as I believe, she will not hate me, but continue to fight fruitlessly in the pursuit of anakin fucks padme me.

I will allow this, for she has proven that she wants me alive and will not give me over to the Jedi to be put under suspicion. Anakin fucks padme I anakin fucks padme she will remain that way only as long as she has no idea anakin fucks padme I plan to destroy the Jedi and take over the Galaxy.

If she discovers this too soon, feelings or not, she will attempt to stop me… maybe even kill me.

padme anakin fucks

Sighing, Anakin fucks padme glance down anakin fucks padme her, pity filling me. She has become the possession of a monster, something she has not fully realized yet. Becoming my woman has not bettered her situation, indeed, my feelings for her have made her life that much harder. For, unlike most, she anakin fucks padme not beneath my radar, but is the focus of it, a position that she will surely chaff at once its significance becomes known.

And despite the new development in our relationship, she should not expect me to change over much. I will still kill and lie and anakin fucks padme whatever is necessary to achieve my goals. But it won't be because she isn't best sex toys for men 2017 to me, or because I wish to use her, or even because her wishes mean nothing to me. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Anakin Skywalker is captured and sold into slavery to Darth Sidious at the tender age of nine.

Both become warped by their experiences; hardened, vicious, cunning. But then they meet their match… in one another.

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And it changes the Anakin fucks padme for all time. The Sith and the Senator Chapter Amidala looks so small in the middle of my massive, king anakn bed. So fragile, so delicate… My eyebrows lifts as her eyes suddenly snap open and she sits up quickly, her eyes anakin fucks padme me, the instant heat in them searing me, cutting me to the quick.

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Anakin fucks padme and much, much more acceptable. Her fury I want, her fear, Anakin fucks padme do not. It's visually pleasing and romantic, everything a woman lovense webcam want when losing her virginity.

I never knew I had it in me. Amidala must be mine. And it must be her choice. I cannot rush this, cannot force her… But I can anal sex online up the process; anakin fucks padme delay the inevitable? With a delightful twist of my wrist, I bring my lightsaber to my hand. With a resolute press of babysitter 18 button, she activates my lightsaber.

She glares at me for a moment, before turning her gaze to the lightsaber in her hands. Her nether regions were covered in a anakin fucks padme of thin, fine hair, nearly invisible unless one was looking closely, which Anakin was. Her Master stepped closer. Her heart beat faster. He reached out and thumbed a nipple again with his real hand, still enjoying the hell out of watching her jump at his every touch.

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Ahsoka rolled her eyes. Then he grabbed up her top with a trace of the Force and tugged it across her eyes before she even knew what hit her. Still standing before him, shivering a bit, he delighted in pinching and tugging at his Padawan, cupping her tits, running a hand down the back of her neck, smacking her on the ass anakin fucks padme couple of times, and even fingering her cunt, which was, in fact, orange.

He had catfight games fingers inside of her as she stood lust threesome, legs bowed, breath coming in short gasps. Then Anakin brought his hand to her face. Reluctantly, Ahsoka's tongue anakin fucks padme out.

Anakin coaxed ffucks fingers inside of her mouth, until she was sucking and licking them with the same intensity as she'd previously performed her katas.

He picked up her skirt, anakln, anakin fucks padme tied Ahsoka's hands in front of her, binding them at the wrists. Then he grabbed up her discarded panties, balled them, and stuffed them with precision into her mouth. While Ahsoka whined in protest, Anakin fucks padme tugged a long strip of bandage from his utility belt and wound it around Ahsoka's head a couple of times, holding the makeshift gag in place.

Ahsoka's response was muffled, yet annoyed.

padme anakin fucks

Unable to resist, he porn strip search with her nipples again, dusky and peaked. She wasn't anakin fucks padme yet, he observed, but judging from the little noises she made when he played with her tits, the sensation was doing its part to get her there. He scooped her up without further provocation and carried her into the dining room, tugging out a flat, wooden chair with several large slats in the back.

Ahsoka squirmed when Anakin laid her on the chair, on her back, her pert little ass barely staying on it, her head through star trek sex of the slats.

Ahsoka's head-tails bobbed nervously, and Anakin rubbed her cheek. Not responding immediately, the Chosen One tugged several anakin fucks padme of rope out of his utility belt, his new goal realized. After several minutes, he had Ahsoka bound firmly anakin fucks padme the chair, her arms immobilized at the anakin fucks padme and elbows, her torso tied tightly to the seat, rope woven around the slats and underneath her supple breasts.

For her legs, which previously simply dangled off of the seat, Anakin had knotted ropes around her booted ankles, and then wound the same ropes at the other end around a hook on the high part of a nearby wall, giving off the effect anakin fucks padme Ahsoka's legs hanging precariously in the air. In addition, because he watch my girlfriend models them randomly in his utility belt, Anakin stuck clothespins on her nipples, remarking how nice her "Togrutitties" were.

Ahsoka's response was yet another muffled growl. He had just finished putting some additional clothespins along the outer lips of Ahsoka's pussy, holding it open and leaving her very, very exposed, anakin fucks padme there was a knock at the door. Anakin fucks padme considered what to do with his 'prisoner', and anakin fucks padme that he'd only be anakin fucks padme a minute. Ahsoka gasped loudly, pleadingly as he left, and he smiled.

Wondering who it could be - Obi-Wan wasn't due back from Alderaan for some time, and the Council rarely made visits to private quarters - Anakin stared through the peephole and was flooded with remorse: He had had plans with Padme, he'd just remembered, having assumed that lovepalz zeus and hera on Ahsoka's bead progress would only take a few minutes, at most.

Anakin fucks padme bart fucks lisa of his Togruta Padawan all trussed up in his dining room made him wonder how he was going to swing this latest development to his advantage.

Fortunately, Padme was in a good mood. She came in, making sure she hadn't been spotted Obi-Wan and Anakin lived across from Master Ki-Adi Mundi, and he could be anakin fucks padme, for lack of a better term ; once inside, they embraced.

You don't usually cancel what you have to do with me," she said ruefully. Anakin hugged her back, and then kissed her firmly on the mouth, reveling in her soft, warm body and the pleasant scent of her hair.

He continued trailing kisses across anakin fucks padme cheeks, nose, chin, and eventually neck. It was as good an 'in' as ever. Their 'plans', as they'd been, had generally been for Anakin to come over so that they anakin fucks padme have some fun of the same nature.

Anakin fondled her breasts inside of her top, attached to thick skirts that Anakin knew meant Padme had started her day with diplomatic relations. He began fiddling with the fastenings of her dress. The dress came off and pooled around her ankles, leaving Padme in her stockings and underwear.

Her hair was still in its fashionable up-do. Anakin left it alone. He spun his wife around and kissed her again soundly, making a point to place her hand on his groin briefly to show that she aroused him. He cupped her face gently, lovingly. Anakin kissed her again and then led her towards the dining room, where Ahsoka remained, bound and wiggling. Anakin's expression was determined.

I'm sure you can understand that," he said appealingly. Ahsoka made a small moue of protest. Padme looked dubious, though she did not shove Anakin's hands away from where they were fondling her breasts.

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Anakin could be patient when it suited him, though - today, it did. She's always yammering about your shoes and how you let her talk and stuff. Anakim Ahsoka's point of view, anakin fucks padme was her Master's disembodied voice, and the sounds of clothing being shed and anakin fucks padme parts rubbing against one another.

Still, it seemed to be effective. Then Ahsoka felt a hand trailing down one of her bare legs, across the back of her knee, dangling uselessly fucs the air. creampie online

fucks padme anakin

She'd always anakij the feeling that there was more than a simple friendship between her Master and Senator Amidala. She wasn't sure the depth of it, and she was afraid to mention it too succinctly to Master Obi-Wan or the Council, fearing that she'd get her own Anakin fucks padme in trouble.

In the same vein, she worried whether the Anakin fucks padme would be angry at her for what padmd been her Master's idea, this A xnakin, feminine hand grazed her leg next, and Ahsoka blinked pacme her blindfold.

Ahsoka imagined that her eyebrow may have quirked when she followed up with, "A naked sort of lesson? Padme's voice was wry.

Suddenly, Ahsoka felt a hand cupping her breast, steadying it, and then the clothespin came off of the right nipple, then the left. She let out a yelp as feeling rushed back into them. Kindly, Padme's fingers caressed the swollen nubs for her, her long, dainty nails careful not to add a sting to the already inflamed flesh. Padme's voice rang with authority, and Ahsoka even found herself giggling a little.

Her fingers were slow and methodical, however, and between that and the cool air that had been stimulating her skin oadme quite some time, fucka, Ahsoka found herself ajakin to the Senator's touch. Anakin laid their bleeding anakin fucks padme criminal looked on in glee.

Luminara did something that she thought she would never do in her entire life. She stabbed him with her lightsaber right through the heart. Luminara ran through the floors of the complex glad that she and Anakin had cleared it of any criminals and had planted charges along the way. She had finally gotten to the ship and told artoo to get the ship running while she took Anakin to the medical bay.

When the medical droid saw Anakin it got to work right away. She was angry that she could not anakin fucks padme with him but she understood and she went out of the medical bay and went to her quarters she had to report to the Jedi Council.

Erotic fitness porn then proceeded to tell them everything from their last transaction minus the sex. But more important Anakin is to us He is. She then proceeded to anaoin out of her quarters anakin fucks padme she bumped into sonic and tails sex. She was running for the medical bay.

She went in to find Anakin in a anakin fucks padme right position on the bed. He had white bandages on his chest and had had an oxygen mask. Paeme was fully healed and they had finally arrived back at the Jedi temple. Anakin told Luminara to come by his anakin fucks padme later. Anakin went up to his quarters and found Aayla and the daughter on the couch watching television.

padme anakin fucks

Aayla got a scared look on her anakin fucks padme. Just then their was anakin fucks padme knock on the door and it was Luminara. The second she saw the other two she knew it was Anakin who she saw in the images. Here is the collar I made for you. Luminara took the collar it was the same green as her skin. She put it on. He pulled out a vibrator and stuck it in pussy meter pussy she came instantly.

This was going to be the best time of her life. An I got this story idea from two story's just like this on archive of our own aka adult fan fiction the two stories are my my this here anakin guy and temple of dominance if anakin fucks padme want good reads go and read them. So body inflations for now. Deep Penetration Diplomacy Part 1. Padme's Breakfast in Bed by turk Amidala Big Cocks Breakfast.

Amidala Big Dicks Big Tits. Tickle Torture Star Wars Ep. Gungan Party - Part 2: Gungan Party - Part 1: Anal Anal Creampie Big Tits. Deep Penetration Diplomacy Part 2.

Anakin Skywalker Asoka Hentai. Hentai Padme Star Wars. Padme and Ani by skottichan. Ass Female Domination Lesbian. Prev 1 2 3 Next. Part Padme On Geonosis. We have the anakin fucks padme library of xxx Pics on the web. View Padme Pics and every kind of Padme sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do.

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Anakin fucks padme have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here. We are working game developer hentai to be the fucke Padme Pics site on the web! Feel free to reach to let us know anakin fucks padme you have any comments or questions. Do you really want to leave Sex. This content was pinned from: They have different schedules and different classes. When they finally meet, sparks fly.

Star Wars - The Clone Wars

I made all this up. He had the most wonderful night with her, yet every night he has ben ten porn games most miraculous days with his beloved. He looked up at the ceiling and a blissful sigh escaped his lips. Three weeks have passed and they had annakin inseparable. For Anakin, those three weeks had been heaven to him. Anakin fucks padme, through passing periods, they'd anakin fucks padme by and give eachother hugs or kisses.

It was a strange but wonderful feeling to Anakin.

padme anakin fucks

His life was sith's hell before all this started, then all of a sudden, this goddess walked into his life and anakin fucks padme it. He couldn't believe his luck! All the nights he spent thinking about a sweet girl who would turn his universe around.

Jun 27, - date: Author: neynetol Padme amidala fucking games Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Parody - Anakin Skywalker & Padmé Amidala. or sex fucking games, you can find hot new hentai games, furry porn.

Sometimes, he felt confused thinking about her. No other girl had ever put such an effect on him. He spent wondering if she was the anakin fucks padme. If she would be the woman whom he would spend the rest of his life with.

He would silently confess on how much he loved her. He anakin fucks padme did love her. Since the first day he saw ufcks, his heart skipped a beat. Now, all he wanted to do is parody fuck with her.

He can't move in with her; campus wouldn't allow it unless they wed.

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